Like many social enterprises, MORE THAN SHELTERS has a hybrid funding approach. Through donations and grants we are able to bring new programs and projects to reality and be effective. The creation of sustainable and scaled efficiency is our main goal. Wherever refinancing models and social entrepreneurial concepts make sense, we implement them. We also generate our own revenue through consultancies and product sales. These are sufficient to support the core of MTS; our staff, our offices and all our administration. Therefore, MTS has been a self-supporting initiative for the last years. However, we have three challenges that we must solve:

  • Lack of growth financing
  • Strong capacity limitations
  • Old and no longer appropriate financing models

We can continue to pursue our ideas, but we cannot develop and grow them further. So, we urgently need philanthropic growth capital to increase our efficacy as much as possible.

This is why we are looking for philanthropic commitments totaling € 2 million for the next two years. To make it more than a donation we have come up with an idea.

Your philanthropic commitment deserves the highest level of efficiency and transparency. This is why we have developed an innovative and trusting partnership model:


The MTS Impact Certificate:


  • Your engagement is evaluated according to direct impact, qualitative effectiveness, and autonomous dissemination within the target groups and project partnerships
  • Your commitment is divided into our three innovation units, which means that it is diversified and the risk is spread out and the effectiveness is ensured
  • In addition, it strives to leverage the effect of your donations:
  • Your commitment only promotes sector-changing ideas and thus seeks to achieve the highest possible effectiveness
  • Your commitment is used to enable sustainable financing and economic autonomy through social and entrepreneurial models
  • Your commitment promotes projects that are developed with the individuals themselves and are carried on independently by the impacted population

How we use our funding:


We use your generous support in the three divisions of MTS: integrated planning, product innovation, and humanitarian innovation.

  • For our humanitarian innovation team, we will use 40% of the funds invested to increase our program so that we may engage with the talents of 1 million refugees. Our work abroad, especially in Jordan, is being expanded to a new level. With our “refugee-led innovation incubators,” we create places where people can develop ideas that will offer them a dignified life, their own income, and a social environment. Our partners are Civic, Oxfam, Relief International, and 15 local organizations.
  • Our integrated planning team is supported by 20% of the funds invested in order to develop our new model for refugee arrival centers and arrival cities. Our partners are foundations, universities, UN agencies and NGOs.
  • The DOMO-System has reached the production stage and has worked successfully in our projects in Nepal, Haiti, Lebos, Germany, and Greece. We have learned that the system is particularly suitable for mobile kindergardens, schools, field hospitals, and social areas. Together with the our partner organizations, we now want to enhance the DOMO system’s ability to fit these uses. We are therefore diversifying our product portfolio and will be able to help children and adolescents on the run to an even greater degree. To reach this goal we will use the remaining 40% of the funds donated.

Download our Impact Certificate Flyer here. Thank you for sharing and spreading the word!


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