Several areas of Nepal devastated after major earthquakes in April 2015

Directly after the earthquakes in spring 2015, MORE THAN SHELTERS was requested to provide DOMOs for the disaster-hit regions. Supply of food had mostly been ensured but there was still an enormous lack of shelter solutions, which was especially problematic with the monsoon season in mind. MORE THAN SHELTERS supports the reconstruction of disaster-hit areas by providing people with adequate DOMO shelter solutions.




DOMOs as children’s homes

In cooperation with Hands with Hands, a locally embedded and established organization in Nepal, MORE THAN SHELTERS provided DOMOs for 22 children as well as the family running the children’s home in Bhaktapur. Before the arrival of the DOMOs the children were forced to sleep in a barn as the house, which used to be their home was destroyed in the earthquakes and declared inhabitable. MORE THAN SHELTERS visited on the site and planned a DOMO-solution in close contact with locals and representatives of Hands with Hands. DOMOs in the field adapt to children’s needs and offers necessary shelter. Additional monsoon sheltering offers a more protective and pleasant environment.

  • Number of DOMOs: 3
  • Additional monsoon shelter made from bamboo

Talamarang, Sindhupalchok


DOMOs as boarding schools

Sindhupalchok was one of the hardest hit regions in Nepal in the April 2015 earthquakes. Several parts of country lie in ruins and plenty of families have lost their homes and livelihood, which forced them to leave the region. As the school buildings have become unusable, the educational sector has been strongly affected with lot of pupils being withdrawn from the school. In a joint project with Hands with Hands, MORE THAN SHELTERS provided a DOMO-solution, which functions as a boarding school for 200 pupils in Sindhupalock region. The boarding school help the affected families of the children by providing a safe living and learning environment for their offspring. Continued education even in the time of crisis provides these children keys to the future.

  • Number of DOMOs: 11
  • Additional monsoon protection structure

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