The goal of MORE THAN SHELTERS’ approach is to transform the influx of refugees that is often perceived as burden into a chance and motor of development. The vision is to render humanitarian assistance by creating win-win situations for host countries such as for refugees and other low-income communities.

It is our strong believe that this can be achieved by centering the host community and refugees as main stakeholders, building on their expertise and capacity. Through social design and community engagement activities we enable people to improve their own situation, recreate dignity and generate local innovation for the most appropriate solutions. Due to accordingly involved and active target groups and increased efficiency, the governments and the international organizations engaged in emergency response are relieved too.

In order to comply with this ambitious vision MORE THAN SHELTERS builds a strong global and local network. This network makes it possible to directly react on upcoming needs through the connection to leading experts. Additionally, it is a channel to actively contribute to the international refugee debate with the aim to raise awareness of deficiencies and stimulate a change of thinking in policies.

Based on our expertise in ecosystem, social and product design we increasingly implement own architectural project and introduce our product DOMO.