Kick – Off Lesbos

Kick – Off Lesbos

Dear friends and acquaintances,

the refugee crisis in Europe’s border countries is becoming worse every day. Especially the situation on the Greek island Lesbos is at it’s peak.

An estimated number of 2.000 refugees arrives daily on the small Greek island. The UN refugee agency UNHCR states numbers of +200.000 refugees, who solely reached Lesbos in 2015. The majority fled from Syria and Iraq, arriving by boat from Turkey on their way to European countries.


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The conditions on the island are beneath human dignity and the island is completely overwhelmed with the arriving refugees. Accommodations, sanitary installations, medical treatment are lacking in every refugee camp. Refugees who arrived on Lesbos are expected to walk many kilometres to reach the bus, which takes them to the island’s biggest city, Mytilene, where they are required to register. However, there are too many refugees and not enough buses, consequently most people have to walk another 60 kilometres to reach the registration. The camps lack capacity for everyone, hence the majority of the refugees have to sleep on the street and beg for food.

MORE THAN SHELTERS is cooperating with local and international volunteers, as well as with the civil initiative “Village of All Together” to improve the conditions in the refugee camps on the island.

After months of preparation, team members of MORE THAN SHELTERS are leaving for Lesbos today. 10 DOMOs have been financed through donations and will arrive on Lesbos this week. In the next couple of weeks, team members of MORE THAN SHELTERS will stay on Lesbos to support the implementation and setup of the DOMOs, as well as to get in touch with local organisations, volunteers and refugees. The prior focus will be on the self organised camp in PIKPA, however we will try to get an overview of the situation in the other camps, offer our help and expertise and maybe divide the sponsored DOMOs where they are needed the most.

We need YOUR help, in order to fund more DOMOs and to support the volunteers and refugees on the island of Lesbos. In the next couple of weeks we will keep you posted about our experiences on Lesbos!

Thank you for your support,


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