DOMO is a shelter system helping people in humanitarian crisis. Due to DOMOs modular character it is easily adaptable to individual and cultural needs of people as well as to local climate and geographical circumstances.

More than 60 million refugees worldwide – the highest number since World War II

>20 Years
The average lifespan of a refugee camp is close to 20 years

12 Years
The average length of stay in a refugee camp is up to 12 years.

Half of refugees of today have lived in a camp for five years or more

Upward Tendency

Source: UNHCR Global Trends Report 2014

These numbers represent people with individual histories, stories and special skills and talents.

Additionally the numbers show that refugee camps are increasingly not only places for shelters but locations of temporary homes. Existing shelter solutions are not designed for such long-term usage. Traditional humanitarian aid tents are replaced every six to nine months, which puts pressure on the budget of aid agencies without sustainably improving living conditions of refugees.



A sandblasted, hollow aluminum construction offers stability despite its lightness. The added PVC flooring prevents water, dirt and insects from entering the tent.


Semipermeable outer shell guarantees pleasant indoor climate and natural ventilation. DOMO is available in different materials to suit the needs of a particular climate zone.


Double windows can be opened entirely and are high to prevent curious looks from outside.


DOMO is individually adaptable according to different climates and geographical specifications.


Depending on socio-cultural needs and size of the family or group, multiple DOMOs can be connected with each other.


DOMO can be transported easily, assembled quickly and it complies with all requirements in  humanitarian aid logistic supply chains.



In contrast to the lifespan of six to ten month of standard humanitarian aid tents, DOMOs last up to ten years. Separate DOMO elements can easily be replaced, which brings considerable cost savings.


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