A world with a home

Vision and Mission

MORE THAN SHELTERS creates humane habitats for refugees and displaced people and encourages them to actively shape their own future. We stand for a dignified life, even in crisis situations.

We have to stop looking at refugee camps as short-term problems and transform the most miserable places on this earth into sustainable and innovative ecosystems. A survival space can be turned into a living space, which takes into account individual needs, safety, security and privacy. When given a chance to actively shape their surroundings people change from victims to participants. Participation makes sustainable development possible.

Our mission is to create individual homes for displaced people and give them the opportunity to help themselves.

  • From human warehousing to individual self-development and human dignity.
  • From psychology of dependency to personal autonomy.
  • From loss of dignity and hope to active engagement in the future.

Daniel Kerber at Solve for X

Re-engineering Refugee Camps and Slums

In early 2014 we were invited to present MORE THAN SHELTERS and our alternative approach to refugee situations worldwide in the renowned Solve for X-Conference in San Francisco. Solve for X is a think tank project launched by Google to incite collaboration to solve global issues.