MORE THAN SHELTERS (MTS) was founded with the mission to develop innovative solutions for the global refugee crisis, one of the greatest challenges of our time. We are a social enterprise based in Germany, working with an interdisciplinary team, refugee communities and our partners from the humanitarian and social sectors to develop, test and scale next generation impact solutions. Our guiding principles:

  • We find new answers to the refugee crises of the 21st century
  • We transform the miserable conditions of refugee camps into dignified living spaces
  • We develop, test, and scale innovative humanitarian solutions directly with the affected communities
  • We place the livelihood, talents, skills, and dreams of people in need at the center of our work and give them a voice

We call our approach “integrated humanitarian design”. We hope to inspire you with this website and provide an overview of our work. Please get in touch with us anytime with your questions, comments and ideas.



Current refugee numbers are the highest since World War Two. Official statistics report 65 million registered refugees – three times the number in the year 2000. Unfortunately, this statistic is only the tip of the iceberg. A recently published report by the Clinton Foundation claims that there are 1 billion „displaced persons“ worldwide. Additionally, most of these people live longer in exile than ever before. The average lifespan of a refugee camp is now 20 years. A displaced person spends an average of 12 years in a refugee camp – where people have no self-agency, no chance for self-development, no prospect of livelihood, and therefore no hope and no future.



MTS Planning Office:

Our team works to develop integrated planning solutions for both domestic and international projects. We develop projects for refugee camps and arrival centers that are based on contemporary urban design methods integrating the needs of all stakeholders involved. Some examples of our work include our projects at Tempelhof Airfield in Berlin and the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.

MTS Humanitarian Innovation:

This unit focuses on developing and implementing sector-changing innovations. For example, we have developed innovation incubators that will promote the talents of 1 million participants in Jordan, the MENA region, and Europe.

MTS Products:

Our design department develops technical innovations such as our DOMO Shelter System or a solar lamp in partnership with refugee communities, NGOs and universities.