Why your help is essential

Since our foundation in 2012, our More Than Shelters NGO has provided remarkable humanitarian aid. We were and still are active in Zataari, one of the world’s biggest refugee camps in Jordan. We also carried out disaster relief after the earthquake in Nepal and we are supporting people, who were forced to flee their home countries, on their route of escape or upon arrival in Germany. Through securing rooms for mothers and children, classrooms and various other social spaces – we aim to help in restoring both privacy and a piece of home to people in need.

All of this would have been impossible without the help of our supporters. However there is still demand, and help needed, in the humanitarian scene, so support remains of vital importance.

Our existing projects in Jordan, Germany and Europe as a whole, need further care and development. Additionally, we are planning new projects in places we have not been before, such as Afghanistan. In cooperation with the NGO “Visions for Children”, we want to give thousands of children in Herat, Afghanistan a chance to attend school again. 

Unfortunately what is often forgotten is that we have numerous costs to cover throughout the projects including office rent, administration and staffing costs, production and development costs, logistics, storage and the list grows. These short and long-term costs could be taken for granted, but for a humanitarian team like ourselves, they are monthly challenges.

With your support as a regular donor, you can help us overcome this challenge. Additionally, you will become an official MTS supporter and help us maintain our important work on the long run.

As a sustaining member, you help us to;

  • maintain our work, nationally and internationally, in the long term,
  • cover our organization’s running costs,
  • provide liveable conditions for refugees and people in need,
  • develop innovative solutions in the humanitarian sector,
  • show the “outside world” the reality of the inhumane living conditions that refugees are forced into, and to emphasize the need to stand against it.

Benefits and opportunities that you will receive include;

  • consistent and exclusive information about our work and our national and international projects,
  • chance to participate in member meetings,
  • mentioning of your name on our website as an official supporter of MTS and its projects (unless you desire otherwise),
  • every supporting member will receive personal contact with someone from the MTS team – you are free to contact them with any questions, problems or ideas,
  • when desired; regular information about the newest developments in the refugee crisis, innovation and the field of humanitarian aid.

Last but not least:

  • It is your decision to choose the regularity of your donations, whether it be monthly, quarterly, or annually.