Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan

The refugee camp Za’atari is an area in transition. Within three years it has developed to one of the biggest refugee camps in the world.


in Jordan

Since early 2013, MORE THAN SHELTERS has been involved in several on-site projects in the refugee camp of Za’atari in Northern Jordan – now a temporary home for more than 80.000 people. We connect interdisciplinary actors and projects and facilitate the development of pioneering out-of-the-box solutions. More of our projects and activities below.

Project Overview


Recycling Pilot Project in Za’atari

Since 2014 we are cooperating closely with an international NGO Oxfam in a Recycling Pilot Project in Za’atari. The aim of the project is to promote sustainable solid waste management practices and raise awareness. Effective waste processing results in easing of environmental burden, mitigation of health risks and generation of work opportunities. Activities conducted by MORE THAN SHELTERS during the pilot phase include:

Waste composition analysis
Short-listing potential local partners
Financial and technical feasibility study
Upcycling workshops for women
Design concepts for winterization


Urban Farming Initiative

MORE THAN SHELTERS developed a concept for an urban farming initiative. The goal of the initiative is to use urban farming as a motor for development at different levels. As a grid solution it tackles different problems at the same time and promotes holistic improvement. Through various connections to international agricultural experts the most appropriate and resource saving techniques can be developed. Capacity building is one of the most important aspects of the initiative, which enables people to further develop and scale up the project according to their own need and initiative.

The foreseen outcomes of the project would be food production, creation of job opportunities, healthier environment and raised ecological awareness.


3D-printed prosthetics and Za’atari Fab Lab

Right from the beginning MORE THAN SHELTERS accompanied and facilitated the project from Refugee Open Ware (ROW) to develop 3D-printed prostheses and open a fab lab as technical workshop. MORE THAN SHELTERS contributed above all the expertise in social design processes and community engagement. The objective of the project is to build a globally scalable program that gathers evidence and diffuses innovation in three ways:

Open-source 3D-designs, which are used for the prosthetics are published online and are downloadable for free.

Thanks to Ultimaker three open-source 3D-printers have been sent to Jordan.

Free online training videos and instructions will be provided in multiple languages.