Projects in Hamburg

Protected space for women and children

Hamburg Exhibition Halls

This was our pilot project in Hamburg. From early August to late September 2015, approximately 1.200 refugees have found shelter in the Hamburg’s exhibition halls. Although fences were set up to provide shielding, the space lacks privacy and protected rooms. MORE THAN SHELTERS implemented two DOMOs on site to be used as nursing rooms and a separated, secure space for children.  

Various other projects in Hamburg

DOMOs as social spaces


Approximately 3.000 refugees are staying in the accommodation facility Hamburg-Schnackenburgallee. In order to provide housing for everybody, the space now consists of a container village and an additional tent camp – a solution, which has led to conflicts. Starting with four DOMOs, we created much needed social spaces according to principles of social design. We are in close contact with the refugee accommodation operators and conduct needs assessments for the implementation. During 2015 MORE THAN SHELTERS also provided five additional DOMOs to use as social spaces.

MORE THAN SHELTERS has provided social design expertise and DOMOs in various refugee accommodation areas in Hamburg. For example an old warehouse in Bergedorf had two DOMOs on the latter half of 2015. Together with a local volunteers our DOMOs accommodated children’s creative program with daily activities, such as dancing, singing and arts and crafts. Another two DOMOs were set up at Hamburg central railway station where one of them functioned as a mobile clothing point, as the majority of refugees reaching Hamburg were in sandals and light clothes, thus entirely unprepared for cold temperatures. The second DOMO served as a first aid and food supply station. We would like to thank our numerous partners in providing refugee aid in Hamburg!

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