More Than Shelters

A Home for Refugees

MORE THAN SHELTERS (MTS) offers innovative architecture and social design concepts for humanitarian needs. The goal is to create a temporary “home” for people in distress and to give them the opportunity to help themselves. Being a social business the aim is not to make profits in the first place but to maximize efficiency and dignity in humanitarian action.

Since its foundation in 2012, the organization has focused mainly on the design and marketing of DOMO, a modular emergency shelter system. DOMOs design takes into account the diverse range of geographical and climatic conditions as well as culture-specific needs of populations affected in emergencies. Like a “building kit” the transitional shelter system grows with the demands of its users and can be transformed gradually towards a more stable long-term solution. This ability to be situational adjustable and to grow with the actual demands makes DOMO innovatively stand out from traditional tents and containers.

It is our strong believe that innovation and improvement in the humanitarian sector can be achieved by centering the people affected as main stakeholders, building on their expertise and capacity. Through social design and community engagement activities we enable people to improve their own situation, recreate dignity and generate local innovation for the most appropriate solutions. Due to accordingly involved and active target groups and increased efficiency, the governments and the international organizations engaged in emergency response are relieved too. Following this approach we are conducting projects in the refugee camp Za’atari in Jordan and in earthquake affected regions in Nepal.

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