About morethanshelters

morethanshelters offers innovative architecture and social-design-concepts for humanitarian needs. Our goal is to create a temporary home for people in distress and to give them the opportunity to help themselves. Our interdisciplinary team and the increasing number of supporters carry this vision.

morethanshelters was founded in Hamburg on February 24th 2012. Being a social business, our aim is not to make profits, but to maximize efficiency and dignity in humanitarian action. Our mission is the development, the production and the marketing of product solutions and consulting services for humanitarian assistance. Due to the parallel marketing of services in the non-humanitarian sector, the social business development is financially secured in the sense of the social entrepreneurial thought which aims to create and sustain social value.

The Challenge

Today more than 1 billion people on this planet live in unsafe, unhealthy and miserable conditions. This very day 45 million people are refugees living in camps or temporary, mostly illegal settlements, all over the world. The average lifespan of a refugee camp today is close to 20 years, the length of stay 12 years. Recent statistics indicate that slums are growing worldwide every day by 180,000 people. The United Nations predict that in 2050 there will be 3 billion people living in slums, informal settlements and camps. If we all want to live on a healthy and prosperous planet we cannot let millions of lives be wasted; we cannot lose all those generations.

Meet the Team

Daniel Kerber

Daniel Kerber

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Social Designer

Felix Klein

Chief Financial Officer

Business Administrator

Seira Fischer

Seira Fischer

Head of Design & Production

Product Designer

Jochen Bader

Jochen Bader

Business Development & Chief Operations Officer

Political Scientist & Economist

Desi Yordanova

Desi Yordanova

Accounting & Operations

International Business Administrator


Sabine Bánk

Marketing and Campaign Management

German Philology & Theatre Studies


Nora Wehofsits


Communication Scientist & Criminologist (M.A.)

Laura Klinkhammer

Product Design

B.A. (Architecture)

Daniel Kerber, initiator and founder of morethanshelters, has researched and worked for more than 15 years on the interface between architecture, design and the arts. His extensive research has dealt with the informal architecture of slums and refugee camps. He has wide and varied experience in more than 30 successfully implemented and innovative development projects world wide within the arts and architectural context. With the founding of morethanshelters he brings together all the necessary competencies, connecting his creative energies to enable maximum impact for the populations concerned.


  • Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland 2010/2011
    German national award for outstanding entrepreneurs within the creative industries
  • INNOTECH-Award 2012
    Hamburg based award for innovative business models (3.000 Euro)
  • Roskilde Festival Award
    Special Price at the “Global Creative Business Cup 2012″, Kopenhagen
  • “Werkstatt-N”-Project 2013
    Award assigned by the Sustainability Council of the German Chancelor Angela Merkel
  • Wettbewerb für nachhaltige Produktentwicklung Hamburg 2013
    Hamburg based award for sustainable product development (7.500 Euro)
  • “Weltverbesserer” – 1. Prize
    Award assigned by the ZEIT-Foundation 2014 (25.000 Euro)
  • Zumtobel-Award 2014
    Shortlisted in the international competition